In the 400 years of Corporate Culture not much has changed for corporations being targets of warfare except the tactics used to acquire Corporate Booty at least from a pirate’s point of view. In today’s role of the CISO the stress levels are no different than the Admiral of the Armada hired to protect the merchant ships from pirates and undesirable outcomes to protect the profits and revenues of the corporate entity. Quite a responsibility and just like in the age of seafaring pirates The Board is not hearing it, their mindset is the results and benefits not the drama…the Warfare is the CISOs business and his job is to keep the corporation afloat, protect it from pirates and any loss of assets and reputation. Assuming the CISO of the Institution (Admiral of the Armada) is ahead of the corporate dominance game assumptively he would have performance resources of counter piracy professionals no doubt elite, up to date current sophisticated intelligence, and the most technologically advanced best equipment available to insure the profitability and survival of his corporate entity. As challenging as it might of been to overtake and rob a Wells Fargo stagecoach for cash or commandeering a merchant ship for hackers of its age it only stopped at that endpoint. Now that endpoint is all you need to rob all the stagecoaches or commandeer the whole corporate fleet of merchant ships. The equipment and tactics have changed from cutlasses, canon balls, rifles and peacemakers to a single keystroke on a computer keyboard…or click. Times have changed since merchant ships of old and Wells Fargo stagecoaches filled with cash,…. there all wired together now. Liability and risk have hit a new benchmark thanks to our current technology and defined as a resource imperative to operate and grow business in our modern economic environment.So what is a modern day CISO to do, where does he run to consolidate and secure his companies business endeavors? Where does he secure the right talent? Where can he find the right contractors with best practices to insure perpetual operation, survival and growth of the entity he was chosen to protect so he can sleep at night. Not easy at all running a modern day Corporate Armada and ten times harder to put it together and once its built and operative, is it effective and will it be reliable in the long term and in the short term? What kind of talent, characteristics, skill sets are needed in staff, security vendors and contractors for active analysis and iteration to preserve the integrity of the institution and secure a constant position at the forefront of the threat theatre and on the other side of the front line, threat hunting instead of just outdated threat protection. A seriously “Bad Ass” modern day Armada is what a modern day Admiral (CISO) needs to protect and secure assets integrity and reputation of the institution that not even “Admiralty Law” can insure. So who, what, where and how do you start the construction of your security infrastructure or finish off the proper architecture for battle and survival. Start right here.