So you want to be rich… ok. Wealth goes a long way, a million dollars has a lot of zeros and that benchmark is a laborious effort to reach and is only done by a champ ionic ability of an individual if you will, who is willing to pay the price. To become successful and operate on that level is not for the average or the average hustle, it requires sophisticated knowledge as well. Weather you are an investor, serial entrepreneur, business owner, if success beckons then the beckoned must be sophisticated, so just forget about get rich quick schemes. That doesn’t work on this side of town. Alongside the grit, laser focus effort, commitment, sacrifice, blood, sweat, and lets not forget tears and also last but not least sophistication in the form of knowledge… business knowledge… without this hopefully all previous aren’t in vain. So why not, if you possess the sophisticated knowledge that shouts on its behalf of being responsible and takes credit for the success of successful entrepreneurs and independent business owners like a CPA or an Accounting Firm that are crushing it in their niche. If you had this, that’s one very good reason you should have as many and high quality clients desired and be rich. Now let’s look at some others to justify this wealth.


You paid dues in college, countless hours of study, curriculum, testing, trials, and tribulations and for some of you hangovers I’m sure. Just to receive the qualification to take the big test to join the real world in your profession (“oh the pressure”). A pretty good reason to follow through to the big payoff if you ask me, but I’m just the narrator and I am here just for those who believe they can achieve great financial wealth in the accounting game.


Rigorous work is an unfortunate factor on your journey to wealth of course but the spoils go to the champions as the ritual dictates and that is so sweet. A journey itself is probably the most fundamental fabric of existence constructed of infinite scenarios of organic data from people, places, ideas, knowledge, concepts,… The list is endless of things you will have the opportunity to learn on any given journey chosen to reach your highest goals and desires. However if chosen, the journey and pursuit of wealth is not for everyone in relation to thresholds and only a selected few have in stock and are willing and able to deliver the true demands of the beckoning of this journey. Ahhh! Another great reason to have clients and be rich, right! A journey will manifest good or bad for all as stated, it’s an undeniable function of the existence mechanism but if you can identify with the description of the journey in this narrative. Then you are of different caliber than the other 97% who most likely covet wealth just the same but lack or are not willing to acquire the proper ingredients to establish the foundation through sacrifice, commitment and most important the knowledge of the accumulation of wealth the 3% have or are willing to go get. I’m sure you’ve had however enough experience with sacrifice, rewards on the other hand might be a totally different scenario and that might be how you wound up here. So start working on your journey again but this time bring the biggest pot you can find. The late American entrepreneur Jim Rohn said that wealth is like the ocean. There is plenty for everyone, but some people come to the ocean with a teaspoon.


When wealth can be earned as a by product of acquiring clients, it is also an excellent reason to have. As discussed, sacrifice is a part in any success pursuit but one should never sacrifice their integrity for wealth. Sound principles and practices followed by delivering results to your clients resulting in gathered wealth  might be the most satisfying reason of them all…..oh mirror mirror on the wall….


Wealth also affords you time, the time to balance life, relationships, health…. all of these things of which require essential balance to properly service our most important priority of our existence. Subconsciously self expression is probably the most challenging task we have at the very top of our to do list on a daily basis. Our soul has an essential function, and that function comes with an essential requirement to function,  it needs constant breath, it needs to breath, to participate in this thing we call our universe. Yours, mine, whose-ever, wherever, whoever claims it I would put my money on. I have reason to think, …. “I think therefore I am”…. (I think!…yes, yes I do think!).


It’s unfortunate, but most people over 90% in the world as a matter of fact, work for money in this world. It takes toll and control in their lives eventually and molds their lifestyle accordingly to its limits and not more. When you wright your own ticket you decide accordingly without having to grind it out in  60-plus hour work weeks you could care less about. You’ll get to take care of business (TCB) in the most convenient way without money as a factor controlling you or your action. You’ll be large and in charge. Doing business on your terms your time and your ticket. That kinda has a nice ring to it. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you that those things are not considered to be a reality in the current business world we live in at least not to most. I’m sure you agree with that especially if your doing business as an independent CPA or Accounting Firm. Life is no joking matter and business doesn’t have a sense of humor that is probably the reason why you find yourself here reading this but I don’t have to tell you that. Something brought you here. Could of been your intelligence, could of been your energy, maybe just a desire for a better way. The universe is mysterious and complex like a padlock without a combination. Useless without it, but if you get the combination it’s not mysterious or complex anymore on the contrary it is at your service. The universe is no different, it has been described as a virtual universe in quantum. So if the universe is virtual this means you can virtually make the universe any way you want it on your terms. The word virtual is an adjective and an adjectives purpose in grammar is to provide description of an action. The definition of virtual is: almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition.“the virtual absence of border controls” Its synonyms are: effective, in effect, near,near enough, essential, practical, to all intents and purposes “a virtual guarantee”……but not completely or according to strict definition…..So not completely or according to strict definition….so this means that you can define it according to your parameters, desire and complete to order (“you complete me”) (“you had me at hello”).


Confidence in life is a luxury some might say or could also be a reason as well and just imagine the difference between three zeros in your business bank account and six zeros in your business bank account but that’s the idea. Goosebumps? Quit the extreme yes i know, but that’s the whole point. No waiting to exhale here, if your one of the 3% different thinkers I’m sure you felt the point and feeling confident is priceless right, but an abundance of clients and wealth sure helps. But back to the pursuit of new clients and getting those clients results that in turn equals wealth. Your wealth, quit an equation, a profound formula but realistically believable. A simple process yet a difficult task but not for those that have the combination. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this but it still feels like fantasy I know, but it’s not it’s a physical reality and explained in abstract by quantum mechanics “by the observer”. I think it’s safe to say that every lock out there has a combination and I think it’s also safe to say that the universe you live in can represents one of those locks, and also safe to say having that combination would be almost god like. No science fiction or supernatural mumbo jumbo just simple science method and playing god in your own universe. An intriguing concept,… yet a compelling reason to have your own universe. Aaahhhh…. the possibilities….are you with me?


Imagine holding the combination to the universe. The ability of impact you would have on many and others far and wide. Holding the combination to the universe and all of its belongings: family, friends, loved ones not to mention clients and strangers as well, but the number of reasons you would give them, that you inspired along the way in your journey. Maybe it would be rewarding to you, to inspire others. That might be a valuable reason to you as well. I know…when business is tough the last thing on your want to do list is “to inspire others”, but if you step outside and look in the box nothing happens without it at least nothing positive and just the same goes for business. A prospect needs to be inspired to do business with you to become a client, and someone needs to provide that inspiration for them…. right! So that would definitely be a compelling reason if any to play god if you could. The universe is constructed out of an infinite fabric possibilities, and this one would fit right into your universe wouldn’t you agree? To acquire your own universe, feel free to reach out and find out how to. Your combination awaits!


P.S. Apologies for all the Hollywood references in advance, but sometimes they do a good job too!