You might have as a child had a fascination with numbers or equations or perhaps just plain good ole’ fashion  lofty wealth. All dealing in the financial world on a professional level in someway or another have had a moment of serendipity in the real world (hopefully). From the time you decided to enroll into higher learning for accounting credits so that you could become a force and be financially successful in business and finance equation or referencing a candy acquisition in a past halloween. That experience must have been exciting for you, whatever experience you had that inspired you and choose this path to follow. All of the hard effort, all of the time and all of the expense just for the qualification to afford the opportunity to pursue the proper credentials and hopefully receive those proper credentials to operate in the world of business as a business or as an individual in the accounting profession, were and are even tougher now. I am sure your stress levels went up as I helped you involuntarily (on your part), rehash,.. “The Accounting Memoirs”…a historical account… …(no pun) a bittersweet moment I hope. So NOW What??? …”I’m ready to go… got everything they said I needed…I’m ready to take on the world…open for business and hungry,…ready to DOMINATE…just let me at ‘em!”….. …“But…but wait a minute… how do I get clients… for my Accounting Firm Business… or mom & pop CPA…. and what are the BIG PLAYERS or what are the BIG FIRMS doing to be successful and how do they do that…what are they doing in there businesses to operate at high six even seven figures and some a eight… so I can do the same, be like and master the outcome result and be in control of my business, and make my business thrive just like them…” Looks like the most important part to the equation was left out in academia while in the pursuit of the needed credentials to operate as an accounting professional. might as well go back and move in with my parents but they themselves aren’t do so well either. A harsh reality unfortunately but that is the real world as we know it. After so much sacrifice and discipline you have dedicated to this profession it almost feels like the end of the dream, you were left holding an empty bag and left only to start the learning process all over again for what you thought was already in the bag or consort to 50k a year and hoping to hit the 100k mark in 5 to 10 and that’s just above poverty level. No heart attacks here…!!! But that’s what separates the haves from the have nots and let’s face it, in the real world it’s so much fun to HAVE! So what is there to learn and where and how am i gonna learn it, and what’s it gonna take to implement what’s learned and make it a practical and organic part of your business DNA. This is the biggest issue self employed CPAs even existing Accounting Firms struggle with on a daily basis and that I can assure you is not a pleasant experience in comparison to the Halloween candy audit…(ahhhh the good ‘ole days!!!). I mean it’s a gridlock between assurity as a business owner or go work for somebody else and hope that they have this science in place for the sake of survival…might as well go to Vegas and bet it all (right). Well No!!! I don’t like to bet…because i don’t like to lose…I’m a sore loser as a matter of fact… well more so I like to win,…“I only bet on SURE things” as Gordon Gekko famously stated in “Wall Street”… but I’m mean more like a “SURE” method not a ferris wheel of “CHANCE”… when it comes to SCALING your business as a scientific methodical process.


What if you could  generate 5, 10, 20 even 30 new high ticket clients for your CPA or Accounting Firm business every single month on demand and with predictability? A virtual accelerator effect if you will, as Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE said:  “when you put your foot on the gas in this company, the car moves forward”. Now while that might sound blatantly obvious the number of CPAs and Accounting Firms that can honestly say that about their business is small. The truth is that when most CPAs and Accounting Firms step on the gas pedal the vehicle (in this case the financial vehicle) may or may not move forward and if it does it may not go in the expected or desired direction. Even CPAs and Accounting Firms who do succeed in getting the vehicle to move forward for a time, live in a constant state of fear that the vehicle may stop again at any given time. For many CPAs and Accounting Firms (most of them in fact) this is the harsh reality they face: Each day experimentation, hope and determination meet the cold unknown… and unexpected and with luck, as a result their business may move forward today. And if it doesn’t go forward today maybe it will go forward tomorrow, perhaps it will go in the desired direction and perhaps it will go for longer than a short period of time but who knows. Only CPAs and Accounting Firms with a predictable system for attracting and closing clients can say:  “When i put my foot on the gas this vehicle moves forward”. This is Boss Services Group and I’m going to share exactly how: Boss Services Group install predictable systems, for generating 5, 10, 20 even 30 new high ticket clients every single month – and – how you can do the same. There are simply three big mistakes throughout that are very common in the industry CPAs and Accounting Firms are making when it comes to getting clients. Objectively this might mean that you don’t have a real business or at least that’s how you might feel and that’s no way to feel as a business owner and that shames me to have to share that. But what about the Accounting Firms and the Independent CPAs who do feel that they do have a business and are confident about it. What are they doing, how are they doing it? What do they have present in their businesses and how can I start putting this to work inside my business right now ?!! Just imagine having a predictable way to generate clients on demand and being able to explode your accounting business to the 7-figure level. You would probably wanna do flips or something right!? …Well I don’t blame you, it is pretty exciting. You see that is why high performers always seem like they have some energy to spare (“excuse me mister…. But can you…can you please spare a dollar…”). And sadly at the other-side of that spectrum is the rest who seem just to be dragging their silhouettes around and trying their best to be happy about it. Outside of the box the efforts are the same just applied differently and the results are different as well,.. Dastrictly! One is very rewarding while the other can be torturous and I’m not to fond of pain especially without a reward. How is it that some people make some money sometimes and no money most of the time and if they do make money they spend way too much time making far too little. Rightly so there are also people who are absolutely crushing it, making more and more money and seem to be spending less and less time doing it.

What is it that makes some CPAs and Accounting Firms make millions, fly private and build massive wealth while other CPAs and Accounting Firms make less than they could in a full time job and struggle to make rent?


When you have a predictable system for generating clients it’s as simple as looking at your calendar and seeing how much time you have available for those new clients to fill out your calendar. While the rest are looking to pull a new rabbit out of a hat to get some new clients to cover their rent and thoroughly thinking out a plan B that involves getting another credit card if things don’t work out the way they think they are. While businesses that are in effect are dealing with a predictable amount of new clients and a predictable amount of new profits. So what does this system look like?

Now again, you have to have the right system to be able to do this and get these results and you can do it the hard way which is like going up to the lock and trying to guess the code, but you know there are more than 10,000 possible combinations to a 4 digit lock? Well you can try crack it yourself and who knows maybe you will find a combination that works in a year or two or three but most probably never. Or, you can do it the easy way, the smart way and just get the code to unlock it and get the results inside your business immediately. Well by now you’re probably thinking: How can I get a predictable system in my business that can generate 5, 10, 20 even 30 new high-ticket clients every single month? Well this is perfect for people who are wanting to: Generate more high value leads, Increase their fees, reduce their workload and attract high ticket clients in a predictable way. Working with me as a client is not cheap but most of my clients make back more than their investment within the first month and then they want to stick with me for the long term because they see results.